Smoothie making18-06-2018 | 09:22:41 | No Comments

Last Friday and today Year 4 have been making their own smoothies.

As part of our food technology work Year 4 have gone though the design, make and evaluate process of making a smoothie.

Their brief was to design a smoothie with a tropical rainforest theme.

After some research of what was already on the market and the fruits available from the rainforest, each group designed their smoothie and gave it a name.

In English each group created a radio advertisement to make sure their smoothie would sell.

Here is how we got on making our smoothies.

Let me take a selfie 18.6.1818-06-2018 | 08:57:42 | No Comments

Here is some work from last week that year 4 were proud of. Super effort guys!

Let me take a selfie…11-06-2018 | 08:35:14 | No Comments

In Year 4, we now have the opportunity to share our wonderful work with you more often. When we are feeling proud of a piece of work, we put a selfie peg on it so that we can share it on the blog! Here are last week’s fantastic examples!


Poetry in motion22-05-2018 | 11:11:02 | 1 Comment

Today the  children have been acting out a poem.

After reading ‘The Rainforest Grew All Around’ by Susan K.Mitchell the children were given a verse each to act out. Adding relevant movements to the words.

Can you guess some of the words from the children’s actions?

Gymnastics in the Sun!17-05-2018 | 11:20:54 | 1 Comment

This morning, Year 4 have taken their gymnastics lesson outside. They worked hard to incorporate some pieces of equipment into their routines and performed them to each other. The children all demonstrated excellent control and imagination in their performances. Well done!

Outdoor Adventures14-05-2018 | 14:35:13 | No Comments

Today Year 4 have been working on their map reading skills and as part of their PE lesson completed ‘Rainforest Orienteering’. They had to navigate their way around the school grounds to locate 9 animals found in the Amazon Rainforest. They then had to unscramble the letters found along the way to discover a 10th rainforest creature. They showed superb teamwork and map reading skills. Well done to all. 

4RH Writer of the Week11-05-2018 | 11:07:03 | No Comments

Well done Finley! We all thoroughly enjoyed reading your sense poem on the rainforest and were impressed by you challenging yourself to make your poem rhyme. We hope you enjoy reading the poem too…

Groovey Gymnastics10-05-2018 | 10:57:30 | 1 Comment

We have now been working with Bee Active on our gymnastic skills for three weeks and this week we have been working hard to improve our control. It was a challenge to work in groups to create a well controlled routine but they turned out fantastic!


Backpacking through the Amazon10-05-2018 | 10:12:47 | No Comments

Yesterday year 4 worked in teams to discuss why people may visit the Amazon Rainforest.

We decided that if we were to visit we would go to try and discover new and exciting creatures or plants. To do that we needed to pack. We considered hygiene, collecting information, the climate, and our safety when packing.

Here are some of our ideas…

Digestive System Investigation24-04-2018 | 21:12:26 | 1 Comment

During our science lesson today, Year 4 recreated the digestive system. Using a food bag as the stomach and tights as the small intestine, the children broke up the food and mixed it with stomach acid (orange juice) to see what happens to the food we eat in our stomachs. They then sent the food down the small intestine where the nutrients seeped out into our bodies.

It was messy but we had lots of fun!


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