Woodland Shelters21-11-2021 | 14:01:34 | No Comments

This week, Year 4 worked well in small groups to create mini-shelters using materials they found themselves in our outside spaces. They took care to select materials that would work well together and were pleased with their finished creations!

Greek myth role play12-11-2021 | 16:27:15 | No Comments

Today Year 4 acted out the Greek myth Perseus and Medusa. We focused on our speaking and listening skills to take on the roles of different characters. There were some super acting skills. Well done Year 4!

Mask Making12-11-2021 | 16:05:27 | No Comments

This week we have been looking at our designs for our Greek theatre masks and have begun making them using Modrock.

It was messy but fun!

Laurel and Gardening!11-11-2021 | 15:36:21 | No Comments

This week, Year 4 were lucky enough to receive a donation of laurel shrubs from one of our family’s to add to our school grounds. The children thought about how it is important to care for our school environment and ways that they could improve the grounds themselves. They set to work clearing weeds, creating leaf piles and of course planting the laurels to add some much needed greenery to some of our borders. It was a very productive and enjoyable session for all and a huge thank you to both the children and Tyler’s family for their help.

Greek day!05-11-2021 | 16:01:19 | No Comments

On Wednesday we had a great time dressing up as Ancient Greeks and learning all about Ancient and Modern Greece.

We made laurel wreaths in the morning and became winning Olympians wearing them.

Then we looked at some Greek dance and performed Sirtaki dance.

We also looked at the Greek alphabet and wrote our names. It was strange to see our letters of the alphabet in the Greek alphabet too!

Finally we tasted some traditional Greek food. It was great that we all had a go at trying something new.

Rain Pictures & Squirrels04-11-2021 | 08:45:06 | No Comments

Year 4’s first Forest School session after half term started off with a little rain. So we put on our coats and wellies and used the puddles to help make some rain pictures. We enjoyed watching the way the pen-ink ran in different directions and changed our pictures into something from a rainy day. We also played a game of squirrels to test our hiding and finding skills and to help us keep warm.

Fruity batteries #WerringtonSTEM02-11-2021 | 16:20:19 | No Comments

This afternoon 4RD were taught by Mrs Mansell from Moorside. They investigated which fruit and metals made the best batteries. They all had great fun and can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next. Look out for 4GW’s lesson in the next few weeks.

Switches in Science21-10-2021 | 10:47:34 | No Comments


This week in Science we have been looking at making switches.

Switches are used to break and reconnect a circuit so after we had designed one we were able to make and test it in a circuit.

Some of us made sliding switches and others made flip switches.

Black History Month21-10-2021 | 09:11:38 | No Comments

As part of Black History Month, Year 4 learned about many significant figures from the past as well as people in the present day. We chose to focus on Barack Obama and found out a range of information about him including the fact that he became the first African-American president of the United States of America.

We enjoyed making notes as we learned about him and sketching an image of him too. Well done Year 4!

Mamma Mia Musicians!15-10-2021 | 15:22:19 | No Comments

This half term in Year 4 we have been listening to and learning songs by ABBA. We have focused on the song Mamma Mia and looked at the lyrics, found the beat and improvised on the glockenspiels along with the song. Today we played some different rhythms on the glockenspiels using the notes G and A.

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