Making Mountains15-02-2018 | 11:29:36 | No Comments

This week we have been looking at the country of Italy as part of our Winter Olympics theme week.

Yesterday we looked at why Italians were good at skiing and saw that they have lots of mountains which become covered in snow during the winter months. Therefore, they can practise lots.

We created Italy’s mountain ranges using salt dough. It was very messy but good fun.


Safer Internet Day08-02-2018 | 13:46:22 | No Comments

On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day.

To mark this day year 4 did some English work on the story of the Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt.

Image result for spider and the fly

The story was about the spider being nice to the fly so he seemed friendly but then trapped her.

We talked about how people online we do not know can be nice to us but we never know what they are truly like.

How can we stay safe online?

It’s all relative!08-02-2018 | 13:40:22 | No Comments

In English we have been learning how to use commas to indicate a relative clause.

We played a game and created some silly sentences. Here are some for you to read!

Electrifying Circuits25-01-2018 | 12:19:55 | 1 Comment

This week in science we have started to look at creating a simple circuit.

We used the equipment to make a light circuit.

Some of us could not get our blub to light up but had a ‘light bulb moment’ and realised that something must not be working.

Writer of the week25-01-2018 | 11:51:15 | No Comments

Congratulations to Sophie who has won writer of the week for her description of Pompeii.

Her work on the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ has been excellent this week. Keep up the good work.

Text Detectives!18-01-2018 | 07:40:56 | No Comments

Yesterday in English, Year 4 were text detectives. After reading ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit, we thought about the characters thoughts and feelings at the main points in the story.

To get into the characters minds we did a hot seating activity. Some children played the role of a character and others were asking open questions about the points in the story.

Great work everyone!


Romans: cunning or cruel?05-01-2018 | 14:49:35 | No Comments

This term in year 4 we will be looking at the Romans and how they lived.

Today we looked at Roman mosaics and began to design and create our own.

One of the questions we wanted answering by the end of the topic was answered today.

Can you leave a comment with the answer?

Mystery readers24-11-2017 | 16:54:23 | No Comments

A great big thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in being a mystery reader for Year 4.
Miss Whitmore’s class enjoyed another great mystery reader today, courtesy of Mrs Whitehurst.

Thank you very much – the children loved it and can’t wait to hear more from Gangsta Granny!

E-safety19-10-2017 | 13:13:21 | No Comments

As this week is e-safety week, the children have been looking at how to keep themselves online.

We have talked about social media and some of the apps and programmes they might use.

We discovered that we are all safe online by making sure that we:

Didn’t use our full names
Didn’t put location settings on
Didn’t have pictures of ourselves with our uniform on
Didn’t have anything on pictures that would give away our location

We made hats with ideas of things we could and couldn’t put on our social media to show that we wouldn’t wear them in public so why put it online?


aMAZEing!19-10-2017 | 12:59:52 | No Comments

Today we created a Labyrinth for the Minotaur in the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.

After we described what it would be like to be trapped inside our mazes when we could here the mighty Minotaur getting closer.

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