Mystery Reader in 4AB23-03-2016 | 16:05:38 | 1 Comment

On Monday 21st March 4AB had a mystery reader visit our class.  Olivia’s mum came to read ‘The Magical Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton. It was a lovely story which everyone enjoyed listening to. We hope to have another mystery reader visit us soon.

Mrs Salt, 4AB's Mystery reader.

Mrs Salt, 4AB’s Mystery reader.

Pentominoes22-03-2016 | 12:28:54 | 4 Comments

We were set the challenge to try and create all 12 Pentominoes! These are five squares which join together at the sides. This was quite tricky, but the hardest part was then putting all 12 together to make a rectangle! The class showed great problem solving skills and, most importantly, never gave up!

PTDC0202 PTDC0203 PTDC0206 PTDC0207 PTDC0210 PTDC0211 PTDC0215 PTDC0217 PTDC0218 PTDC0219 PTDC0220

4RH Writer of the Week22-03-2016 | 12:23:19 | 2 Comments

Edward is this week’ s Writer of the Week after writing a fantastic story about a water drop travelling through the water cycle! Well done, Edward, keep up the hard work!



Go Noodle22-03-2016 | 08:03:55 | 4 Comments

Miss Stokes has introduced us to Go Noodle! It is great fun and perfect for a quick 2 minute brain break after we have been working really hard! Here we are having a boogey…


Evaporation11-03-2016 | 08:05:42 | 7 Comments

In Science, we have been learning all about the water cycle! This week, we investigated evaporation. We know from the water cycle that the sun heats up the water and turns it into water vapour. However, we were set the challenge to make evaporation happen without the sun! Some of the children got really creative and even put their sock on the end of a wind instrument to get it dry, but it was the group with the hair dryer in the end who won! Well done to Charlie, Jayden and Joe!

PTDC0149 PTDC0152 PTDC0153 PTDC0155 PTDC0156 PTDC0158 PTDC0162 PTDC0163 PTDC0164 PTDC0165 PTDC0166 PTDC0167 PTDC0170 PTDC0172 PTDC0174 PTDC0176 PTDC0177



Gymnastics!07-03-2016 | 17:38:23 | 8 Comments

Today, Year 4 had their first lesson of gymnastics this year. The children were really excited to try the new stations which they hadn’t seen before! We spoke before hand on how to stay safe as some of the equipment is very high!

PTDC0122 PTDC0124 PTDC0126 PTDC0128 PTDC0131 PTDC0132 PTDC0133  PTDC0138 PTDC0139 PTDC0140 PTDC0142

4AB’s Writer of the Week04-03-2016 | 16:23:45 | No Comments

In Year 4 we have been learning about the water cycle in Science and have been working on explanation texts in English. 4AB’s writer of the week is Aiden for his explanation text on the Water Cycle. Aiden put a lot of thought into his writing.  It was inspiring to his classmates, when we shared his work during today’s English lesson.

What is the Water Cycle?

Aiden’s explanation text.

Aiden's labelled diagram of the Water Cycle.

Aiden’s labelled diagram of the Water Cycle.


Well done Aiden, keep it up!



4RH’s Writer of the Week!04-03-2016 | 13:13:30 | 1 Comment

This week, our writer of the week is Alanya. We have been learning about the water cycle in Science and have been working on explanation texts in English. This is Alanya’s explanation text on the Water Cycle!


Congratulations Alanya! Keep up the hard work!

Congratulations Alanya! Keep up the hard work!

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