Roman Numeral Snakes and Ladders28-06-2016 | 16:37:46 | No Comments

This week in Maths, we are learning about Roman numerals. Today, we got to make a snakes and ladders game using Roman numerals. It was really hard to write the numbers in order and also to remember that you can only repeat a numeral three times. For example, 41 is not XXXXI but XLI! Very confusing…

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Sport’s Week22-06-2016 | 14:48:14 | 3 Comments

As a school, we have been celebrating Sport’s Week this week. So far, we have had an Euro Football event, been introduced to fencing and ran a mega mile! Tuesday was also International Yoga Day so we had a go ourselves too. Here are some photos of the fencing and yoga.

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Harry Potter Maths!15-06-2016 | 11:33:41 | 1 Comment

For the past two weeks, we have been doing lots of scaling problems in Year 4! We started with integer scaling, then moved to scaling shapes and finally ended today with scaling amounts. The children had two potions to scale both up and down: a potion for teachers and a potion for children. Some of the children left the lesson claiming they were going to mix the potion for teachers which makes teachers do exactly what you want! Oh dear…

PTDC0407 PTDC0408 PTDC0410 PTDC0411 PTDC0412 PTDC0413

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