E-safety Week18-10-2016 | 15:54:52 | No Comments

Today we learned how to keep ourselves safe while using the internet. We discussed which information about ourselves is personal and should be kept private and watched the CEOP’s Jigsaw video about ‘Becky’ who did not protect herself while she was online.


After some lively discussion, we had the chance to test our knowledge on the ‘Star Riders’ game on the ‘thinkuknow’ website. We are now all looking forward to using the internet safely.


Portals to the Past04-10-2016 | 14:33:36 | 1 Comment

On Monday 3rd October we had a fantastic day learning all about Ancient Greece when we were transported to the past by our visitor Polynike.

We started the day learning about Athens where¬†‘Poly’ came from. We then experienced Greek theatre with the story of ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. Kacey gave a very convincing performance as the terrifying Minotaur! The rest of the morning was taken up with shape problems¬†and a Greek quiz where we learned about the city states, Greek philosophers and god and goddesses.

Following lunch were lessons on ancient Greek warfare and weaponry. Polynike even organised a mini Olympics to finish our afternoon. We had a fantastic day and learned lots of new and exciting things about the Ancient Greeks.








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