The Great Debate!14-11-2016 | 15:35:09 | No Comments

Year 4 hosted their very own debate this afternoon. After learning about Alexander the Great’s conquests in ancient Greece, we debated the motion: ‘Are wars for invasion purposes a good idea?’ We looked at how debates happen in the House of Commons and used arguments to support or refute the motion. As a democracy, we then held a class¬†vote to decide whether Alexander the Great was right to invade other countries. Needless to say we behaved better than some of our politicians when putting forth our arguments. Order! Order!

PTDC1254 PTDC1245


Google Expedition11-11-2016 | 12:50:17 | No Comments

Wow! This morning Year 4 were transported to other worlds courtesy of Google Expeditions. First we visited Greece and saw the Parthenon, then we went into outer space where we watched men on the moon, some of us visited Buckingham Palace (the Queen wasn’t home unfortunately) and then finally we dove into the depths of the deep blue ocean to swim with sharks! It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you Mr Lindblad and Miss Hampson for organising this.

DSCF0126 DSCF0123 DSCF0120 DSCF0128

Copyright!08-11-2016 | 14:51:32 | No Comments

Today in Year 4 we learned all about copyright law. We discovered how important it is to give credit to an original source. We then added this detail to our PowerPoint presentations. We would hate to try to take credit for someone else’s hard work! Good work Year 4!


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