Writer of the Week! 4KB31-03-2017 | 14:45:58 | 4 Comments

Congratulations Kacey Breeze on being this week’s Writer of the Week! She wrote an exciting description of ‘Animal Town’, using some wonderful descriptive language. Well done Kacey, you worked really hard 🙂

Writer of the Week 4KB24-03-2017 | 12:25:11 | 2 Comments

Congratulations to Alfie and Nicole who are this week’s Writers of the Week!

They used their computer skills to produce a fantastic advert for their Roman villa which really sold all the features and benefits of the property. Even better, the villa only cost £10,000! A bargain!

Daily Mile21-03-2017 | 16:45:19 | 3 Comments

Today we took a short break from play rehearsals to take advantage of this ‘Spring’ weather with a daily mile. It was good to stretch our legs, although we’re still trying to beat Mrs Bolton’s personal best of 1 mile in just over 9 minutes.

Writers of the Week!15-03-2017 | 12:51:25 | 2 Comments

Congratulations to Olivia and Bradley on becoming 4KB’s Writers of the Week! They both worked very hard to research the British author Julia Jarman and then used their new found knowledge to create a fabulous fact file. It was beautifully presented and packed with lots of interesting detail. Well done to you both!

Writer of the Week 4KB03-03-2017 | 10:44:11 | 2 Comments

Congratulations to James Lovatt-Harris for a fantastic recount of his trip to Conkers. His writing was beautifully presented and packed full of interesting detail. It was a pleasure to read, well done James!



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