Terrific Typing :-)23-05-2017 | 14:31:21 | 3 Comments

Year 4 have been working on their keyboard skills using the BBC’s Dance Mat typing programme. We rounded off our learning with our very own ‘Typing Championship’. Children went head to head to determine who could achieve the best WPM (words per minute). The competition was fierce and the leader board was constantly changing. In the end these were the results:


1st – Esha

2nd – Phoebe

3rd – Summer


1st – James

2nd – Tyler

3rd – Daniel and Will

Well done to all the children who tried their absolute best.


Writer of the Week!22-05-2017 | 14:48:28 | No Comments

Well done to Rhys for a beautiful senses poem detailing his experiences in the Amazon Rainforest. His super descriptions almost made you feel like you were there yourself. Well done Rhys – 5 dojos!

Marvellous Map Reading!19-05-2017 | 14:48:41 | 6 Comments

Year 4 have been focusing on orienteering as part of their PE lessons this term. So far we have looked at the keys used on maps and the symbols that represent different features. Today, we used a map of the school grounds to find letters positioned at different points. We then rearranged the letters to spell out the secret word. The letters we found were:

T  A  R  F  I  O N  S  R  E

Can you solve the puzzle?

Writers of the Week in 4KB!12-05-2017 | 10:27:18 | 7 Comments

This week’s writing was so good that Mrs Bolton couldn’t pick just one writer of the week, she had to pick two! Both Chloe and Will’s writing was packed with exciting detail and imagination that really captured the journey of a piece of food through the human digestion system. They also added some extra disgusting details! Well done to both, you earned yourselves 5 dojos!

Coding and debugging in Y409-05-2017 | 15:54:59 | 4 Comments

Over the past few weeks we have been learning more about code. Using the online Turtle Academy lessons, we have built up our knowledge and have even been able to debug our own lines of code when things haven’t turned out quite right. Today we finished things off by creating our own pieces of artwork using the program. It’s been lots of fun!


Ich mag Bananen!!09-05-2017 | 15:47:51 | 6 Comments

Yesterday in Year 4, we continued our learning on the German words for fruits. We used this knowledge to say which fruits we like. Felix and Franzi were arguing about which fruits they wanted to put in their Obstsalat (fruit salad). We hoped that by telling Felix and Franzi about the fruits we liked, they might be able to decide. 



Writer of the Week 4KB!05-05-2017 | 08:30:40 | 2 Comments

Well done to Arlo who is our Writer of the Week!

He wrote a superb explanation of the digestive system complete with fronted prepositional phrases and lots of exciting facts. For example, ‘did you know that the small intestine is as long as a bus?’

It was a pleasure to read. Excellent work Arlo, keep it up 🙂

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