Digestive System Investigation24-04-2018 | 21:12:26 | No Comments

During our science lesson today, Year 4 recreated the digestive system. Using a food bag as the stomach and tights as the small intestine, the children broke up the food and mixed it with stomach acid (orange juice) to see what happens to the food we eat in our stomachs. They then sent the food down the small intestine where the nutrients seeped out into our bodies.

It was messy but we had lots of fun!


Spinning up a Smoothie20-04-2018 | 11:22:31 | No Comments

On Thursday all year groups got to talk about healthy eating.

We looked at a balanced diet and the food groups it consisted of.

We focused on our fruit and vegetable consumption. We all knew we needed 5 a day.

To help us get 5 a day we made a smoothie! But not the normal way!

Fitting carpet20-04-2018 | 11:12:37 | No Comments

This week in maths Year 4 have been learning about Perimeter.

On Monday Mr Rowley delivered some new carpet tiles for us to fit. We needed to measure each tile and the perimeter of the room to decide if we had enough tiles….

but there wasn’t enough!

We investigated using only 4 tiles to create some shapes and see which had the biggest perimeter.


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