Super Science Week13-03-2019 | 07:46:09 | No Comments

Yesterday, as part of Science week, Year 4 continued their work on Electricity!

We created a simple circuit and then tested out objects around the classroom to see if they would conduct or insulate electricity.

After testing many objects year 4 were able to create a conclusion.

Metals can conduct electricity, but have to be insulated by products made of plastic to keep us safe.

Super Science predicting and evaluating!

Romans Invade Werrington!08-03-2019 | 15:57:16 | 1 Comment

Today the Romans descended on Werrington and took over Year 4.

We had a great day filled with lots of information about Roman lives and how they conquered Britannia.

What was your favourite part?

World Book Day07-03-2019 | 15:46:54 | No Comments

Super costumes today!

In English we learnt a new story called ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt

We then did some paired writing trying to persuade the crayons not to quit.

The children came up with some fantastic ideas and really enjoyed the story.

Great work!

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