Forest School – A first outing!29-04-2019 | 15:54:07 | No Comments

Year 4 enjoyed their first Forest School session today. After conducting their own risk assessment and exploring the outside space they worked in groups to create stick skeletons to show their understanding of the human body. Super efforts Year 4!

Wonderful Wizarding Time11-04-2019 | 06:47:34 | 2 Comments

Image result for wiz wham alakazam

A great big THANK YOU to all the adults who came to watch our performance yesterday. Due to your generous donations we have raised a great amount for school funds.

The children really enjoyed performing and we have seen lots of the children grow in confidence because of this.

We would also like to thank parents and carers for their help in learning lines and providing costumes.

What would you do about Boudicca?03-04-2019 | 06:44:27 | No Comments

Yesterday in History, year 4 learnt about the main events during Boudicca’s reign of the Iceni tribe. Each member of year 4 was given a new identity and stayed in role all afternoon as they found out what happened to them when the Iceni tribe and the Romans clashed.

Each time we learnt a new event, Year 4 discussed their thoughts and feelings in character to their groups. Some were happy with the outcome but others died in the horrible fights that happened. Some children even had heated debates with one another as they turned out to be enemies!

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