Forest School – Appreciating our outdoors20-05-2019 | 14:27:01 | No Comments

Today, Year 4 immersed themselves in the outdoors with a bug hunt and tree identification session. They worked carefully to identify each tree based on their leaves and also tried to count how many saplings and mature trees we have in our grounds. We were pleasantly surprised with the range of insects we found too. 

Forest School Digestion Diagrams13-05-2019 | 14:32:30 | No Comments

This afternoon, we enjoyed the Spring sunshine while applying our scientific knowledge of the digestive system to create diagrams, complete with actual-size small and large intestines. We also worked to make our own seating using materials found in our wooded area. A super afternoon’s work!


Rainforest Survival08-05-2019 | 15:16:44 | No Comments

Today we had another visitor in, this time to inform us about First aid.

During the lesson we learnt how to assess someone who is unwell and what signs to look for.

What should you do if you find someone unwell?

We then moved onto the correct technique for helping someone who is choking. It was a lot harder than we thought!

An Exciting Read01-05-2019 | 14:51:36 | No Comments

We have been extremely lucky in Year 4 as Kathy Tallentine has shared her first copy of her new story with us! Kathy came into school so we could share our opinions on the story and also give her some different ideas too. We also had the opportunity to ask her some questions about how she became an author and the inspirations behind her stories. We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and look forward to finding out if she makes any of our suggested changes to her story!

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