Monkeying around! Our day at the zoo19-06-2019 | 15:32:22 | No Comments

Yesterday Year 4 had an excellent day out at Chester Zoo!

The weather was kind to us and we were able to see lots of animals out, grazing and lazing about in the nice weather.

The children were intrigued by many of the new species of animal they saw and enjoyed seeing some animals we had learnt about during our topic on the rainforest.

Many of the children pointed out how lots of the animals they had seen are now endangered in the wild and linked this to our work on deforestation.

A super day! I hope you all enjoyed it.

Forest School – Coming! Ready or not!17-06-2019 | 14:26:28 | No Comments

Today, Year 4 battled through the showers to continue their learning on the use of a compass. By accurately plotting the cardinal and ordinal points on an aerial map of the school grounds, the children were then able to begin identifying key landmarks in each direction. We also had fun learning how to play man-hunt. It was a little tricky knowing where to hide but they managed it in the end. Well done Year 4!

Marvelous Monday Maths10-06-2019 | 16:27:54 | No Comments

Today year 4 started to look at Perimeter in Maths.

We tried to find all 12 pentominoes and calculate their perimeter. We found out that all the pentominoes apart from one have a perimeter of 12 cm.

As a challenge we connected all the pentominoes together to try and make a rectangle. Well done Sam and Isla who managed to do this.


Forest School – Which way is north?10-06-2019 | 15:33:19 | No Comments

Today, Year 4 learned how to use a compass to locate the four cardinal points within the school grounds. It was tricky at first to imagine a birds-eye view of the school grounds but they got there in the end and unscrambled the letters they discovered to find the mystery animal. Well done Year 4. 

Food Chain – Paper Chain05-06-2019 | 15:11:15 | No Comments

This afternoon year 4 have been learning about food chains.

We discussed some new vocabulary, such as: Primary Consumer, Secondary Consumer, Predator, Prey, Producer, Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore.

Do you know what these words mean?

Then we were able to create our own Food Chain- Paper Chain!

Here are some pictures of us working on our chains.

First day back fun04-06-2019 | 15:37:31 | No Comments

We have had a great first day back in Year 4 and worked really hard! (It was like we haven’t been off!)

In Maths we looked at creating symmetrical figures with multi-link

During this term we will be doing the 30 acts of wildness challenge and today we meditated in the wild.

We felt the rain and listened to the birds in the trees. it was very peaceful.

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