Final Forest School in Year 415-07-2019 | 14:07:36 | No Comments

Year 5 chose their own activities as part of Forest School this week. Some played manhunt, while others chose to create memories with journey sticks or simply explore the outside spaces. We rounded off our afternoon with a campfire and reflections on our time outdoors. 


Senses Poetry10-07-2019 | 14:48:10 | No Comments

This morning, the children were set the challenge of starting to create a senses poem on the rainforests. To do this, we found a shaded part under some trees and imagined we were in the rainforest. We then explored the school ground and planned out what we would hear, smell, see, touch and taste in the rainforest! We are looking forward to creating our poems using all of our ideas tomorrow!


Wildlife Explorers08-07-2019 | 14:03:47 | No Comments

Year 4 were brilliant at investigating the kinds of creatures that call our school home. They carefully completed a bug hunt using identification keys to help discover new creatures and even found some ones that we weren’t sure about. They also investigated the school pond and found it to be teeming with lots of new and interesting discoveries. 


Table Tennis Tournament05-07-2019 | 15:18:26 | No Comments

This afternoon Year 4 competed in a inter-year group tournament. They tested themselves against each other in a game of table tennis.


Class Assembly04-07-2019 | 14:58:57 | No Comments

Well done to all of year 4 for your super class assembly today.

Year 4 had two days to write, rehearse and stage their assembly. They worked well in small groups and informed parents of some of our fantastic learning this term on rainforests.

The factual knowledge of the children this year has been outstanding and they have retained so much!

Excellent work guys.

Forest School 1.7.1901-07-2019 | 14:01:42 | No Comments

We continued our exploration of our local area today with some map work that involved writing directions to a place within Werrington. It was tricky getting to grips with our left and right and ensuring our directions were clear but we got there in the end. We also played a game called, “1,2,3…come and find me!” This helped us think about real rescue missions where people had to go and look for people who may have become lost whilst out exploring. We learned the value of good communication and strategy when setting out on our rescue mission. Well done Year 4! 

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