Week 4…already!27-09-2019 | 15:04:49 | No Comments

Another super week in Year 4.

This week in history we have been looking at the events of the ancient Olympic games. Can you name any?

In English we have been learning bout the story of Icarus and how he flew too close to the sun. Over the next week we will be putting together a newspaper article about this amazing story.

In Maths we have been continuing our work on place value.

We have also been History detectives today and thought about our year long project comparing two times in history. I’ll look forward to seeing your research pile up over the year and your final thoughts when you bring it together!

Week 3 in Year 423-09-2019 | 16:00:33 | No Comments

This week has been a week of visitors!

On Tuesday we had Mrs Mansel in from Moorside High School to teach us Science!

We really enjoyed experimenting with the circuits and discussing what happens when we change them around.

In Maths, we have been working on our place value knowledge and played a game to see who could get the highest number. We challenged each other and explained our answers.

Finally, our second visitor this week was Rachel from POP UK! We worked with year 5, learning about social media and how it can be good but also how to manage our time online. We sang lots of songs that POP UK had written and recorded them for you to listen to. We even performed them in our own concert at the end of the day!

Week 2 in Year 4…13-09-2019 | 15:04:45 | No Comments

This week in year 4 has been filled with new learning.

During the week we have been taking part in the BBC’s Ten Pieces Trailblazers. A collection of music collected by the BBC to showcase the best of classical music. We have been studying the work of Hans Zimmer who has created pieces for the Lion King, The Dark Knight and Madagascar!

We danced to his music as well as creating some artwork inspired by his track called ‘Earth’

We have also looked in History at some of the significant cities in Ancient Greece and in Science we kicked off our topic on Electricity by listening to a story on Now Press Play about renewable energy sources.

#WerringtonSTEM First week in Year 4!06-09-2019 | 16:28:07 | No Comments

During our first week in Year 4 we have had some interesting maths lessons all based around the Youcubed ‘Inspirational Maths Week’ challenges.
The children have had a theme for each day ranging from ‘take your time’ Tuesday where the maths challenge required taking small steps and deep thinking to ‘find the pattern’ Friday where we were creating patterns with numbers.


This week we have also been creating some art work based on the architecture of Ancient Greek buildings. We used chalk to recreate the columns of the buildings we had been studying.

A great first week and can’t wait for more interesting lessons.

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