Why does it always rain on me?28-02-2020 | 15:39:30 | No Comments

Today, Year 4 tried to create waterproof shelters as protection from the elements. They also considered how to collect and store rainwater for survival in the outdoors. They were very inventive in their ideas for water storage and quickly worked out places that would not be suitable for shelters.

Zip Zap, Hashtag Fire14-02-2020 | 16:02:22 | No Comments

Year 4 learned a new game today called Zip, Zap, Fizz, Buzz. We only managed the Zip Zap but had lots of fun mixing up our zips and zaps! We then discussed 4 different styles of creating a fire. Working in groups, the children had to choose a suitable location (considering safety) and then create their own style in preparation for fire lighting after half term. Well done to all!

Women in STEM #WerringtonSTEM11-02-2020 | 17:10:05 | No Comments

Over the last few weeks Year 4 have been looking at the life and work of Edith Clarke.

She was one of the first women to gain a degree in Electrical Engineering.

We had a great time researching her and trying to understand some of the mathematics she used!

We also had the chance to look around the hall at some of the other famous women in STEM that other year groups had researched.

To finish off our day we had our own experiment in science where we looked at how sound is made and what effect the sound vibrations have on solids, liquids and the air around us.

Friday Forest School10-02-2020 | 16:07:31 | No Comments

This week, Year 4 thought about the different grades of wood needed for constructing a fire. We discussed how fires are started with tinder and/or kindling and then larger pieces of wood are added after. We then used a billhook to split some larger pieces of wood ready for burning.

Forest School 31/110-02-2020 | 16:07:06 | No Comments

Year 4 revised their fire-lighting skills with a relay-race to see who can create sparks the fastest. It was tricky at first but with a little perseverance they got it in the end. They also began tidying some of the school grounds in preparation for our planting project. As super morning of Forest School. Well done Year 4!

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