Lighting up liquids #WerringtonSTEM12-03-2020 | 16:13:20 | No Comments

Today for science week we have been looking at the properties of different liquids by making lava lamps.

After adding water to a bottle we looked at what happened when food colouring was added and how it dissolved into the water. After this we observed how the behavior of oil was different when mixed into the solution. The oil and water solution separated!

Using the mixture we added washing up liquid and saw how it reacted with the oil. Each time we added a layer we observed using a torch to illuminate the layers in the bottle. Too finish off we added glitter to make our lava lamps shimmer.

Forest School Friday09-03-2020 | 15:20:10 | No Comments

The spring sunshine gave Year 4 perfect conditions for trying out their fire-lighting skills on Friday. They worked hard to perfect the first three stages in the continuum of fire lighting. All of the children were able to create a spark, followed by a shower of sparks that then travelled onto some tinder to create a small flame. Super progress made year 4, well done.

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